Trust & Partnership Tax Returns

Trust and partnership returns can be complex but we make them simple for you.

A business partnership is a common structure for small businesses in Australia. While there are several advantages for the partners, the tax implications can be quite complicated.

A partnership is not taxable in itself, but every partnership must lodge a partnership tax return at the end of each financial year. Even though the partnership entity doesn’t pay income tax directly, each partner must pay income taxes and has to lodge a tax return separately in addition to the partnership tax return.

At Taxelite, we ensure that we get the maximum deductions for your partnership, while ensuring that the business is 100% ATO compliant in the lodgement of its partnership tax return.

Completing partnership tax returns is only one part of our business. As our client, we provide complete business advice for every part of your business. Using the partnership structure, we can make tax advantageous for you and legally minimise your tax liabilities through strategy planning. Through the correct partnership structure, we can help reduce your tax expenses.

We will complete your trust or partnership tax returns within 7 days. Every year, we will analyse your business and provide personalised advice for your partnership or trust, so as to get the maximum benefits for your business and yourself.

Talk to us now to organise your trust or partnership tax return.