Tax Planning

Tax planning requires a thorough knowledge of taxation law as well as knowledge of other relevant legislation such as company law, estate tax and customs duty. We at Taxelite are specialists in taxation planning and we will help you structure your business to achieve the maximum profit from your business operations.

We are always up-to-date with the current tax laws, so we will always be able to take advantage of the benefits or concessions offered for you, so that you get the maximum tax benefits for your business.

Our tax planning objectives aim to achieve the following for your business:

  • Reducing taxable income
  • Increasing allowable deductions
  • Reducing the tax rate applicable
  • Deferring or delaying tax payments

We can legally minimise your overall tax position through the use of various financial instruments including property, company structures, partnerships and trusts.

More importantly, we provide forward thinking tax advice allowing you to plan your business for the future and further your tax savings. Genuine tax savings will result only from adequate and proper tax planning. We help you think about the tax impact and the consequences before entering into any personal or business transactions.

We also assist with family tax planning which is a great method of tax planning that will lead to considerable tax deductions for you. Family trusts are a popular way to structure your business so that the income from your business remains within your family.

If you think you need help with tax planning or furthering your tax savings, get in touch with us immediately.