Tax Effective Strategies

Your business requires tax effective strategies to maximise profit and the potential for growth. There are several strategies that may be considered to reduce your tax liability. While it is important to reduce your tax liability where possible, it is more important that these strategies are wealth creating in the long run.

We also assist with asset protection including setting up of child maintenance trusts for high income earners and establishing testimonial trusts. We can also establish complex trust structures which include blind or bear trusts for asset protection purposes.

Wealth creation strategies can include the use of SMSF structures, tax effective investments as well as strategies to minimise tax through the use of different financial instruments

The ownership structure of a business can have a significant impact on the tax paid during the operation of the business, as well as following the sale of the business. We will advice you as to whether your business structure is the most optimum structure with regards to taxation payable. We can work with you to find the best business structure for taxation purposes.

Some of the main strategies that we consider in order to reduce tax liabilities include the following:

  • Pre tax and associated contributions to superannuation
  • Purchase of growth assets through gearing or leveraging
  • Salary packaging of various employment benefits including cars

We understand that every client is different with regards to their circumstances and objectives so we analyse each customer individually to understand their unique situation and to determine which strategy creates the maximum after-tax benefits for our client.

In addition to finding the most suitable strategies for each of our clients, we also analyse the risks associated with each strategic option, and whether they are suitable for the circumstance of the client.

If you need help with developing tax effective strategies for wealth creation, give us a call today.