Business Growth

At Taxelite, we have the ability to offer solutions to assist with the further growth of your small business.

One of the biggest challenges with growing your business is access to funding. You might not have sufficient cash flow to support the increase in your business activity. As a business grows, the business will require additional funds for more wages, increase in inventory and debtors, additional plant and equipment and a general increase in business expenses.

It is also imperative that the finance facility matches the purpose of the funds. Short-term or long-term financing arrangements need to be considered depending on the purpose of the funds. Cash flow and working capital needs require short-term financing arrangement where as purchase of additional plant and equipment would require long-term financing options.

Not only can it be challenging to source funding for the growth of your business, it can also be difficult to match the funding arrangement with the purpose of the funds. We will help you secure loans for the growth of your business, as well as ascertain the correct funding arrangement for the purpose of the funds for the growth of your business.

As your business grows, the structure of your business may require to be changed. This is important because the correct structure is required for taxation purposes so that the business is paying minimum taxes. Through the use of financial data, we can help restructure your business not only to minimise taxes, but also to better suit market conditions and future business opportunities.

One way we help small businesses with growth options is through franchising. Franchising helps your business expands rapidly with the need of only a small central organisation and a few skilled staff. We will help you decide whether franchising is right for you. Further, we will help you establish a successful franchising network.

Don’t waste time. Call us now and let us show you how you can grow your business.