Liquidation & Insolvency

Don’t face liquidation – speak to us first. We will find a solution before you go into liquidation. We have over 15 years of experience, and we have helped many directors and business owners overcome financial hardships, such as potential insolvency or liquidation, to survive and grow into a prosperous business.

We help you keep your business intact and protect your assets and income streams from ATO tax penalties, legal claims or unreasonable creditors. Even if you are facing liquidation or insolvency, we can help protect your assets and income streams so you don’t lose them in the process.

We help you deal with the demands of undue financial pressure from secured or unsecured creditors or the ATO. We can also assist you with your reporting needs to avoid getting Directors’ penalty notice.

We help company directors to overcome liquidation or insolvency of their business. If you have received a director’s penalty notice for tax debt, a wind up order from a creditor, or a legal claim or court order, we will help you to avoid losing your business or personal assets through the use of methods such as insolvency law or the liquidation process. We also help you strategise a solution by negotiating a payment arrangement with the ATO, instead of your personal assets, like your home, being taken away from you.

More importantly, we will help you build up your business and structure the cash flows properly so that you don’t fall into insolvency or liquidation again.

Don’t go into liquidation – call us now. We can help you.